Automating excel operations / functions within the excel sheet / excel workbook looks simpler but time consuming. Mostly we use key stroke functionality to automate excel functions (filtering / Sorting / Duplicate deletion / cut / copy / paste and so many ...) and there are no readymade configurable scripts available across all tools which are available in the market. Excel function automations can also be done through creating DLLs, VB Scripts / Macros / mimicking direct user interactions with the underlying applications but we would need specific technical skill set, tools and our valuable time to materialize this. Instead of following multiple approaches (DLL / VB Scripts / Macros etc) to automate simple excel operations, following a unified & configurable method that takes only less than a minute to complete certain excel operations. To address the above problem, a single bot has been created using AA / UIPath wherein entire excel operation automations can be configured and controlled through a Master Excel Config file without having to code on Automation Anywhere. How this works? There are two components in the package.

  1. Master Excel Config file (Boss)
  2. UIPath Bot (Sub-Ordinate)

This solution works on Boss & Subordinate concept. Master Config file would work as a Boss and it will guide UIPath Bot (subordinate) to action on the tasks that are defined by the Boss. Generally, we can’t modify the scripts on UAT / PROD environments where Run Time licenses are leveraged but having this solution deployed would give you the flexibility of modifying the Master Config file on UAT / PROD instances if there are minor changes on the agreed excel operation automation.

  1. Master Excel Config File (Boss) This book contains the list of pre-defined excel operations that the end user wants the bot to perform. End user can configure a wide range of following excel functions (Filters, Cut- Copy – Paste, Sorting, Duplicate deletion, key word search, Row & Column - add /deletion etc…) from a drop down list provided in the Master Config sheet. This solution cuts down the time by half than what is required to script in UIPath.
  2. UIPath Bot (Sub-Ordinate) Whenever the bot is triggered, it is made to communicate with the Master Config file and it will execute the instructions / commands provided by the Master Config file.UIPath bot is capable of adopting to the changes on the configuration file and it will continue to execute the current set of instructions which are provided on the master sheet.   What are the quantitative / qualitative benefits of this solution? 50% development time reduction (applicable only for excel operations automation) Can be modified on all environments (DEV / UAT/ PROD) without any major disruption to the business. Easy to configure and implement. Unified approach without having to leverage DLLs, VB Scripts / Macros / mimicking direct user interactions with the underlying applications.
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