Inspiration: Caught amidst our busy lives, we tend to miss out on several events and yes a smart reminder could just be our savior! People tend to mark many events as “Interested” on facebook and tend to miss out the most relevant events. We are primarily concerned with delivering precise details related to particular events which may arouse interest in a person. So we thought of making an application, where a person can freely look for events as per his taste. And boom here we are with the Android application.

What it does: • Retrieving event details using Facebook events. • Parse details and store them appropriately. • When a user searches for events, events are presented to him within a limited radius. • User has a choice of checking all the events nearby or write relevant keywords for searching events as per his choice • Specific events related to keywords are then presented to User.

How we built it: Following are the steps: • The first and most important step was integrating Facebook API for our Android app. • We then implemented Facebook login connection in our app. • Then we used Facebook’s Graph API to find RSVP events for the user who is logged in. • The event data(JSON) obtained is parsed to retrieve data. • The user then enters a keyword to search for a specific set of events. The app analyzes the data and provides the most relevant events to the user based on the keyword.

What’s next for Smart Event Suggestion app: • Integrating Machine Learning based API to find similar words related to query words, and then giving more accurate event suggestions. • Making GUI of the app more user-friendly. • Integrating Calendar/Reminder option with the application. • Share with friends feature. • Including maps and geoinformation with respect to the event. • Increasing the radius of events across the US. • Developing the application for various different platforms like IOS and hybrid web application.

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