Frequent power outages lasting as long as 10 hours are common in rural and even big cities of under developed and developing countries. Power generated in these countries are not able to meet the power required during peak hours resulting in the total blackout in some areas. In today's world where our life is greatly dependent on electricity, these frequent and long power cuts make the life of citizens very difficult, and adversely affecting the growth of these countries.

What it does

The device allows power companies to limit the current allowed per household at the time of power shortage instead of a total blackout. It also provides real time load and inner temp. of Transformers, The meter switches the phase automatically so as to balance the load on all three phases and reduce the losses.Meter also has voltage and temp sensors and shuts the power supply when things go out of range.It also supports floating electricity rate and provide the feature of automatic meter reading.This project helps in effective distribution of the power while reducing the losses and it reduces collateral damage due to bad supply,provides AMR and better connectivity with consumers.

How I built it

Meters are connected with transformer using RF module and transformer is connected with control room using GSM module.

Challenges I ran into

Had to change the rf connection from UDP type to more secure. Where every packet has a sender's and receiver's id and the receiver gets acknowledgment for every successful transmission.and transformer should be capable of handling query of each meter independently. And if the id of the receiver is not matched with meter it act as repeaters.

What's next for Smart Electric Meter

This needs to be polished, The phase change can be made smooth by using Solid state relays and protection circuits.

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