Aggressive and fast driving seriously affects fuel usage. Many drivers know that but they are not changing their habits. It's because slow driving can be perceived as monotonous and boring.

We wanted to use OpenXC and mobile technologies and try to make careful driving exciting !

The concept was to turn it into the game. But the one that does not require user to tap anything on the screen (as that might be dangerous while driving) or even to look at the phone screen as voice notifications informing about the game state are included (so driver is not distracted). And you're playing this game by driving your car and if you drive well you're scoring better. And finally here is our idea: please imagine you put a glass of water or a glass filled with balls on your car cockpit. Now if you accelerate or brake to rapidly balls with fall out of the glass. It's a challenge to keep all the balls in the glass. And now it's becoming fun to drive carefully !

We can imagine that like many games this one can be fun at the beginning but become boring after some time. But what's important here is that we hope that while using the app for some time you might develop the habit of driving non-aggresively and therefore more fuel and eco-friendly.

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