Automate your earphone using a android application. This Project revolves around the idea of automating the volume of your earphone,which senses its surroundings and depending on the surroundings increases or decreases the volume.

Inspiration comes from every user who wears a earphone.The two main problems faced by users is that 1: Once the user gets in tune with the music,they care less about the surroundings,which therefore pose a threat to the life while crossing streets,etc.
2:The other problem is that whenever the user enters a noisy or quiet neighbourhood,the user manually has to change the volume in order to clearly hear the music .

Target users are those who want to fully utilise the earphones/headphones without any inclusion of a external hardware,but by just installing an Android application

Key features and Component: The Key feature is that The Smart Ear Phone application keeps running in background by continuously listening to the sound from the surroundings and processes it. Depending on the value of the sound outside ,the application modifies the volume for efficient hearing of the music. One more added advantage is that,in case of no noise,the application doesn't allow the user to listen to music in high volume,In case the user changes the volume to be high,the application automatically reduces the volume.Thereby protecting the users Ear drums. The same goes with the overshoot of the volume. The main aim goes with the application to reduce the risk of accidents or other mishaps which might be caused by earphones.

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