As there are many blocked and uncleaned open drains in the country which causes non-hygienic situations which lead to various health problems in humans.Due to waterlogged streets their are many road accidents which lead to harm to men-life. Sometimes drains are not regularly cleaned by drain cleaners and their is no monitoring or reporting of this. This causes blockage and unhygienic drains leading to bad health. //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

What it does

Our system checks for blockage by determining the level of water in the drain, it also determines the level of harmful gases (methane gas). If there is any abrupt increasing change in any of the parameters , the system directly connects to the municipality and informs about this along with the location where it has been placed through message. Also the data collected is pushed to cloud for further analysis of the area to take any action. //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

How we built it

For detection of water level we used ultrasonic sensor, which gives the values in terms of voltage which was then calibrated in centi-meters. Arduino 101 collects data of this sensor and send it to Arduino UNO for further working. Then we used Arduino UNO which collects data from methane gas sensor in voltage terms which we converted in terms of PPM. Arduino Uno analyses the values of both the sensors , if the values goes above the decided level it sends this information to municipality through GSM SIM800, it also pushes the data to thingspeak cloud through GSM. //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Challenges we ran into

We faced many problems while building this project. Calibration of sensors data was a great challenge to us, there was no perfect way coming out to do so. The methane gas sensor was the hard task to do, it was never giving exact perfect values, if the values were correct on one day the next day it went to random. There was network problem in GSM when the sky was not clear. Also there were problems in interfacing Arduino 101 and GSM Sim 800 ,so we used Arduino UNO in between. //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The most proud moment was when we calibrated the sensor's data correctly and when our methane gas sensor started working correctly. All in all the happiest and proudest moment was when we completed our project with the whole video. //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

What we learned

Interfacing different sensors , using Arduino 101 , way to send messages without using mobile phones, cloud computing. The most important thing we learned that there is lot more in electronics and many problems can be solved through with this. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

What's next for Smart Drainage Blockage Detecting System

Our project was based on open drains, so we are looking forward to closed drains and cheaper and easier ways to clean then without the help of mankind. //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Built With

  • arduino
  • arduino-101
  • arduino-uno
  • gsm-sim-800
  • methane-gas-sensor-mq-4
  • thingspeak-cloud
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