Sometimes people aren't able to respond to doorbells due to other tasks or unavailability. There are also situations when we would like to leave some message to people ringing our doors. Everyone in the group have encountered similar situations before, so we came together with this idea using the hardware that was available for us at the event. For instance, this can occur with package deliveries; delivery people would knock on our doors to distribute packages, but occasionally we would not be able to receive them even if we were on the premises. It can be extremely frustrating and we wanted to design something that would be simple and convenient for anyone with a similar problem. Our target users include anyone who lives in a home (including ourselves), so we decided to go for a simple and intuitive interface so anyone would be able to use such a product, even for the less tech-savvy individuals.

Several features the smart doorbell has are noise detection, setting status and status updates. Our setting status feature allows the homeowner to set the status of their doorbell such as "I'm not home right now" or "I'll be right there". This allows the person to get instant feedback and doesn't have to wait at the door if the homeowner is not home. Our noise detection feature detects abnormally loud noises using the sound sensor. Our status-receiving feature allows the homeowners to receive notifications whenever the doorbell is rang or if there is a loud noise near the door, potentially preventing robberies.

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