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We interact with doors everyday to leave our homes, to enter new places to enter and exit rooms. These doors could provide us with useful information before we go outside to drive to work or to the airport to catch that flight that we don't yet know is delayed.


1.The Smart Door allows you to screen who is knocking at your door and lock the door to let them in or keep it locked.

2.The interior screen shows you usable information such as the weather outside, how long your commute to work will be, daily items, and what is on the other side of the door.

3.When someone knocks on the door it send the people residing behind it a text message so they can allow the person in or decide to keep it locked.

  1. Using an RFID card an occupant of the home can easily enter her abode without the hassle of keys.

  2. When the user knocks ambient LED lights on the door frame flash to alert nearby home dwellers that someone is near the door and pulses green when the door is unlocked.


Built with 2 arduinos, raspberry pi, piezo-electric sensors, LED strips, and a heavily modified door.

2 arduinos and Raspberry pi do not talk to each other well. And connecting them all up was a huge hurdle. Building the door and getting all the sensors inside the door took a redesign of the door and heavy surgery. Additionally getting the power through door frame and down into a power strip took way longer than anticipated and further door surgery.

The biggest problem was probably the door being unable to open due to poor support and weight distribution at the top. We fixed that with an emergency cross brace at the top which we think will hold pretty well.

Getting the door to not break every time we opened it and fitting 2 inch thick boards and cabling into a 1.5 inch space. Getting all the arduinos and raspberry pis to work together and push to a mysql server so we could remotely unlock the door using the website.

We learned a ton about a ton of fields, hardware, software, building and hanging doors. We

Taking what we learned with the electronics and hopefully putting it in a prettier door that someone could and would really want to put as their front to stay safer and more informed about their world.

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