The potential of Internet of Things

What it does

In ideal case it controls the door lock based on geo positioning. Since the hardware wasn't available to actually show this, we used LED as output to demonstrate the idea of the control system.

How we built it

We used a Raspberry Pi at the heart of the system. Python script was written to define the I/O ports of the Pi. Java code was written to establish communication between the android app and the raspberry Pi. Android studio was used to develop the front end(app). LEDs were used as output.

Challenges we ran into

Establishing the communication between android app and the Pi. Especially invoking python script from the java program.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Invoking Python script from Java using the exec() method. Establishing the connection between the android app and the Pi.

What we learned

A host of things starting from exploring the raspberry Pi hardware, invoking python from java, android app development.

What's next for Smart Door Lock using Raspberry Pi

The next step is to add geo fencing capabilities to the android app. Controlling an actual door lock using suitable hardware like motors etc. Can be used to integrate with and control other household appliances.

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