I have built this project with my own personal experiences. It will be helpful for small children and old people who get locked inside the room.

What it does

Basically we have to install an android app on mobile phones. Each door in the house has a different username and password. We have to connect our mobile phones Bluetooth with the locks Bluetooth and then open the door and take the small children and old people out of the room.

How we built it


  1. Arduino UNO
  2. Servo Motor SG-90
  3. Bluetooth Module HC-05
  4. Simple Lock
  5. Jumper Wires


  1. MIT App Inventor to build the app.

We bought all these hardware components. We referred to some of the PIN diagrams for the connection of all the hardware components. Then worked on building an android app in less time. MIT App Inventor helped us a lot.

Challenges we ran into

Major challenges we through were the connection of hardware components. Multiple times it failed or there were some loose connections. Another challenge we faced was how we can connect the HC-05 Bluetooth module with our android phones.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we completed this project within 6 hours. Rest of the time we had first searched for different resources to connect the HC-05 Bluetooth with our mobile phones Bluetooth. Yeah, we are proud of the Hack we have made.

What we learned

We have learned a lot more about the hardware stuff here like how Arduino UNO works? What are its different pins? How does the Bluetooth module work? How the connection is made between this hardware? etc.

What's next for Smart Door Lock

Thinking of adding more authentication in the app. Sure will be implemented soon in some buildings nearby.

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