Smart Decisions Pro

Smart Decisions Pro converts your phone into a powerful, effective and easy to use decision making tool and helps you save time in your day-to-day decisions.

The application comes as a bundle of 10 different Intelligent Decision Making Tools to help you make your day-to-day Decisions easier and faster. It gives you a chance to use different proven decision making techniques in your routine decisions. This application has been made to help you analyse your questions/problems and take your decisions rationally and logically, unlike other apps which gives answers just by rolling bottles or flipping coins to take your decisions!


Every Day, we face situations where in we need to make decisions. Some are mundane and some, Life Altering. Be it our Business, Job, or even Personal Decisions, Decision Making is an integral part of each and every aspect of our Life. However, we tend to rely on Instincts, and even on hear-say. We may even end up taking a decision in haste, which we might regret in future.

So, to avoid that, Rational Decision Making approach is a better alternative, where we use Analysis, Facts and Step-by-step process to come to a decision. There are many proven techniques available today which can help you take an Informed decision. And so, our aim was to provide these proven techniques in your hand, to Help your Decision Making Process an ease!

And, we feel that Decision Making is best done with the natural way of writing. You scribble on Paper and your thoughts come out freely! And so, our goal was to provide a User Experience where you can scribble as you like on your Mobile and then, Smart Decisions Pro uses Algorithms to assist you in Rational Decision Making. You can use Stylus, Hand-drawn gestures as well as Keyboard based Text Inputs!

What it does

Smart Decisions Pro helps you take decisions using one of the below 10 tools, which are based upon proven decision making techniques:

  • Gridalys: Decide an option based on several dependent factors.
  • PMilys: Decide whether to go ahead with a decision after considering the positives, negatives and implications of the decision.
  • Hatalys: Provides a multi-dimensional view of a decision.
  • SWOTalys: Provides an analysis of your project/business venture and to develop an action plan.
  • Decision-Chartalys: Provides a diagrammatic representation of your ideas and work upon improving them.
  • Pair-Comparalys: Decide an option by working out the relative importance from number of different options.
  • Cost-Benefitalys: Determine whether to go ahead with a project by weighing its costs and benefits quantitatively.
  • Force-Fieldalys: Make a decision by analyzing the forces for and against a change.
  • Gridalys Pro: Use your Gridalys analysis to see the effect of weighting factors on the decision.
  • Decision-Chartalys Pro: Provides a diagrammatic representation of your ideas and work upon improving them, with advanced features.

Key Features:

  • Use One of many available Decision Making Techniques
  • Provides an intuitive Tool Chooser to help you select the right tool for your situation
  • Natural Ink like Input as well as Keyboard based Text Inputs
  • Easy Save as Image, Editing and Sharing of your Decision Making Outcomes
  • Extensive Help & Sample Analysis, in-built into the Application to guide you with the Decision Making Process

How I built it

Smart Decisions Pro utilizes the WACOM WILL (Wacom Ink Layer Language) SDK to provide the Natural Ink like Feel to Decision Making. On top of the SDK, we have built a Framework which accepts multiple types of Pen Inputs, Text based inputs as well as Images. We also have implemented undo, re-do and Save-Edit functionalities in the Framework.

It uses many features of the SDK and of the base architectural components like:

  • PathBuilder: Builds Stroke Paths based on user Inputs on screen
  • Smoothener: Smoothens the User Strokes for a better UI
  • StokeRenderer: Renders Strokes to present on screen
  • Rasterization: Solid Brushes and Particle Brushes to provide 5 different types of Stroke Inputs
  • Layers: Multi Layers for background Image, background strokes, Main Surface to scribble on
  • Serialization: To save the Analysis and provide Edit functionality
  • Customizations: Provide Text rendering for Keyboard Input, Eraser, Smart Convert Strokes to known Shapes

Key Features of WILL based Framework:

  • You can use 5 Different Types of Brushes: Pen, Marker, Paint Brush, Pencil & Crayon; Choice of Colours & Stroke Width. Eraser is also available to erase out your Mistakes!
  • You can also add Text in different Fonts, Font Sizes and Colours
  • Use Smart Convert Feature to auto convert drawn Strokes to Beautiful Smooth Shapes
  • You can also Undo, Re-Do and Save your Decision Making process and re-edit them in future

With this version of the Application, new Feature that we have added is to expand the reach of Rational Decision Making to many more Users, along with a Better User Experience. This has been made possible only by using WACOM WILL SDK, which has enabled us to provide Natural Ink-like Feeling to many more Android Devices than earlier supported.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

With Smart Decisions Pro, I am proud of converting known decision making techniques into an easy to use Interface on mobile which will help day to day decision making easier!

For the hackathon, I am proud of Integrating the WILL SDK into the Application and to create a Framework on top of it, to provide a fluid User Experience for all supported Android Devices!

What's next for Smart Decisions Pro

Smart Decisions Pro is currently available on Play Store, but is built mainly for Samsung Devices with SPEN Support. For other devices, we do have a custom self-developed Ink Platform, though which did not meet the standards of SPEN SDK, according to us! With WILL SDK, we will now be able to provide the best User Experience to all the Android Devices supported by WILL. Hence, we will look forward to make the updated version Live on Play Store as soon as possible.

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