During peak hours, a large number of orders come in at once at restaurants. Waiting in the car for an order made 30 minutes ago is frustrating. Our solution provides restaurants with a priority queue that takes into account the estimated arrival time and estimated food preparation time to give suggestion to the kitchen to prepare their order efficiently

What it does

The app has two routes. The customer route allows the customer to place an order on a mobile device, check the status of their order such as estimated wait time. The kitchen route allows effective sorting of the order based on priority calculated with estimated arrival time and estimate food preparation time.

How we built it

We built the front-end with React Native, and back-end with Python querying NCR API with Requests.

Challenges we ran into

one of the biggest challenges was using React Native to build our front-end because none of us have experience working with React Native.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud of what we have accomplished given the 36 hours constraints. We are proud of our idea of improving customer experience by optimizing the kitchen's priority on orders.

What we learned

Other than React Native, we learned about Postman and API queries and finally integrating front-end with back-end

What's next for Smart Customer Arrival-Based order Fulfillment

There are many potential features we would like to implement given enough time. For better user experience, and specifically error prevention, we could implement an undo button for the kitchen order menu, furthermore, with more access to the API, we could use GPS to determine real-time location of the customer and determine if they have arrived at the restaurant. This application could also be extended to work with other pickup order fulfillment locations, such as grocery stores.

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