Inspiration According to WHO, it is a “Pandemic” disease.We have to come together to solve this crisis and take the responsibility to save people.

What it does It will easily detect who are COVID-19 affected person and who are not. If we will detect this in a very short period of time then we will stop the spread of the virus and will protect a lot of people.

How I built it its a software and hardware based project.

Challenges I ran into in this world crisis.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of that easy thinking with smart solution . This can only help us to detect that affected person and it will save other persons.

What I learned 1st we have to break the chain and in this case we have to test all the people in a very short period of time, and in this case my idea will save us.

What's next for Smart COVID-19 Detection System We will develop our idea and also implement it to give more accuracy.

Built With

  • c++
  • esp8266
  • gsm
  • kotlin
  • mlx90614
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