On-line course participants have problem to stay motivated, have no time to consume large chunks of information, are driven by strong desire for a quick reward, suffer from short attention cycle and have no patience to sweep through irrelevant information. Subject Matter Experts usually struggle to create an online course that is aligned with current needs of an audience such as making content engaging, easy to absorb, straight to the point, and personalised.

Our solution is a platform that offers any Subject Matter Expert an ability to create an effective online course that follows recent trends in e-learning by using our Smart Course builder.

The Smart Course Builder is based on backwards planning methodology and uses question based learning that helps SME deliver a course that enables participants to stay hooked to learn more, get only relevant to them information and therefore achieve their learning goals faster.

Opportunity: The online learning industry is clearly here to stay – and growing still. Estimates vary as to how big the online industry will become over the next few years, but they generally range from $200– $300 billion.

What it does

The Smart Course Builder offers step by step instructions to SME to design a course that is based on backwards planning methodology and uses question based learning to deliver content. Course participants will go through questions one by one on a platform and decided which answers they are interested in, after each section they will have an exam.

Backward design is a method of creating a course by setting goals before developing a content. The idea is to teach toward the "end point" that helps SME to stay focused and organized and aims at promoting better understanding of the content by participants.

Question based learning is the most natural way to learn. Since we were kids, we have learned about the world by asking questions and this how we still function as adults by entering questions to a google search. Participants will learn by choosing what questions they want to get answers for and taking an exam after each module or section offers a quality knowledge check that will allow to identify areas that the person skipped and doesn’t know yet. It also follows the trend of microlearing and helps participants to fullfil the desire for fast reward.

For the purpose of this Hackathon, we have picked Onboarding to show case the capabilities of the solution we offer. Onboarding has always been a challenge since the impression of the first day at work can predict if a person stays with a company within 1 year. It costs on average 5000 euros to find a new hire and by delivering an effective onboarding HR can not only reduce its costs and also improve overall integration of a person to a new position.

How I built it

We created an admin part where an HR or a manager responsible for the onboarding can create an onboarding questions based course using the backwards planning methodology:

  • starts by defining the goals of the learning using Bloom’s Taxonomy
  • after the goals are defined proceeds to the definition of the test that will evaluate the learning
  • after that for each question of the test defines a question/answer topic that will be studied by an onboarded employee

We created a page for the employee to go through the onboarding process:

  • the questions are displayed in a sequential order
  • if the employee finds it important to get to know the answer to the question, they click on the button and an explanation is displayed
  • after all the section has been gone through, a simple test is displayed to test how well the employee understands the relevant topic

We built it using python on the backend side with a simple rest api that allows CRUD on sections, questions and exam On the frontend side we used Vue.js, Nuxt, Vuetify and axios. Frontend consumes the API to display the questions and explanations to the employee and create those on the admin side.

Challenges I ran into

Internet connection was patchy and it was hard to access the systems we needed. Environment was very loud.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Yulia and Olga are both moms of infants. Yulia had to bring her 4 months old son along so she could breastfeed. Sleepless nights, building a product and getting amazing help from Alen and Dominik was something to be really proud of.

What I learned

Cooperation and time management.

What's next for Smart Course Builder

We are planning to build in AI to help deliver better experience in custom learning. Integration with existing HR and other relevant systems.

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