Below were the challenges faced which inspired us to build this framework:- • To address the challenges in generating correspondence for individual or group of customers • To address the challenges in personalization and customization of templates in email’s, and pdf’s • To address the challenges in maintaining uniformed styling in various correspondence like Email, Post, etc., • To address the challenges in implementing customer-specific styling in Emails, Pdfs, etc. • To cut-short the wait time in customization of content for the targeted audience

What it does

This Solution builds dynamic content on the fly and allows user to create a better individual experience that suits the reader and also allows the user to personalize fields, offers, contents or images on webpages, pdf’s, emails and all types of a correspondence using Smart content engine

How we built it

This solution is build using the PEGA OOTB rule engine and mostly using the Data type’s configurations. This mostly uses Data Tables configurations, declarative rules like data pages for caching, decision tables for run-time template generations.

Challenges we ran into

Building the dynamic solution with reusable components shared across multiple templates and documents was challenging. Styling based on customer user experience alongside configuring the document Metadata/properties was challenging.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

• Achieving the reusable components shared across different documents/template • Making the smart content engine business user friendly so that business can configure the templates at run time without development changes. (Low code) • Making the styling specific to templates/documents configurable by business users. • Making the Metadata/properties like print format etc. specific to templates/documents configurable by business users.

What we learned

Pega OOTB capabilities could be used to build the frameworks which could be configured by business users for run time changes. And also we can build solutions that are low code (minimal) and requires no release.

What's next for

The next steps are to make this framework application as a component application which could be made available in PEGA market place as a ready to go product for building the run time templates and documents.

Built With

  • data-types
  • decision-rules
  • declarative-rules
  • pega
+ 65 more
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