I have experienced to help people manage their social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, some time website SEO, I found that the social media content robot is smart to manage the content of the fan page and also help the page to get user and also bring business, the content is most important thing that to maintain a social media page, because the audience is attracted by content and started to know who you are, the consistent of update your page will get more audience and fan, but generate a quality content it takes time, some that I build a bot to help most of the people who are facing the same problem with me.

What it does

The bot I build is to generate quality social media post with standard quality like quotes, some word, and hashtag follow by an image.

How I built it

I using PyTorch pre-trained image classified model to search the content in the image and use the info to start to search for the content quote, hashtag, and news. Besides, I also build a function to call recommend post which finds content based on the type of user facebook page.

Challenges I ran into

To build the RNN to find the content and the source of the datasets it used me a lot of time to do the research on it. And I need to face all the problem by myself.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm excited, because of the bot the I build can help people to generate social media post content and help people save more time and become productive in their daily life.

What I learned

I knew that PyTorch is a very powerful machine learning and deep learning library that allows me to create the AI bot to help people to solve their daily tasks. I also knew the GPU is a better design structure to support machine learning. Building better software needs a good team to carry out.

What's next for Smart Content

For this project, I'm rushing to do it, because of my work. But in the future, I will move the app the website which is building by React and connect to the Machine Learning backend which is built by the PyTorch to provide the content generation service to others. And also looking to explore the PyTorch in the AI field. Besides, I also will collect more data that allow me to do better data analysis and implement the data to the deep learning system to generate more lifely content to make the world more meaningful, and also help more people make their life become more productive.

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