The recent arrival of the Internet of Things (IoT) has changed how we interact with and control the environment around us. The introduction of low-cost digitally connected IoT devices and open source communications standards has enabled buildings, facilities and farms to improve security, automation, and control. The new communication LoRaWAN standard provide a reliable and affordable solution to monitoring systems to ensuring safe till 10 miles in open area.

Example use case:

  • city trash can monitoring and automation
  • flood alert
  • farm container monitoring and automation
  • tank safe monitoring

What it does

Leveraging LOng RAnge Wide Area Network (#LoRaWAN) and a cloud-based analytics platform, our intelligent web dashboard will provide Multi-Channel alert messaging solutions. The system provides a complete real-time container monitoring that combines data collected from IoT sensors with powerful analytics to prevent container at full capacity, container explosion, flooding and ensures safety. The system monitors container/tank level, pressure, and temperature, and sends alerts message over the mobile 4G network and Twitter.

How we built it

We used Dodaq board with sonar and MCCI Catena 4550 board with Bosh BME-280 sensor (Temperature and pressure). We built the dashboard using

Challenges we ran into

Make LoRAWAN network working inside the gym. We put down two gateways. Synchronize the two sensors with LoRaWAN dashboard. Reverse engineering wasn't simple.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Makes LoRaWAN working. Customize

What we learned

Using LoRAWAN sub-frequency channel.

What's next for Smart Container

Built With

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