Things Around us - Incidents like GAIL, misutilization of natural resources. We always wanted to bring a solution which has a larger market scale & which can work for both Industrial & House hold Services

What it does

There are two parts in the solution

bold1. Remote Water Monitoring System: bold Water solution does a remote level monitoring of water in the Overhead tank. Using the Predix Machine we are able to detect the level's. If the water is going to the minimum level of the tank it triggers an Alert to the users and also switches the motor automatically. If the water reaches to the maximum level of the tank it triggers an Alert saying its cutting off the motor and stops the motor from running.

bold 2. Remote Gas Leaks Monitoring System: bold In this solution we are using a Gas Sensor of MQ family which can detect the Gas Leaks of LPG, Methane, Butane. If the sensor detects an Gas Leak near to premises if it reaches a threshold value it sends an Text & eMail notifications to the ERT Members.

How we built it

Using Predix Machine, Raspberry Pi, Arudino Uno, M2 Gas Sensor, customized water level sensor & a water pumping motor

Challenges we ran into

Installation of Predix Machine & Data Ingestation into Time Series

Accomplishments that we're proud of

An End to End IIOT solution which address a very common problem in a city. A simplification like this makes a lot of difference between a Smart City and a City.

What we learned

A complete understanding of Predix right from Machine to Px.

What's next for Smart Community Services

  1. Installing a pilot in smart communities like Mahindra World City
  2. Catalog services for Home Automation
  3. Developing an eco system which supports Google NEST
  4. PDA App support for Fire Fighter's to understand the type of emergency & get them prepared for the situation they need to deal with
  5. Gas Leak monitoring can be installed at traffic zones to understand the hazardous gases % and draw analytics to minimize the risk
  6. Integration with Emergency Services like 911 to make the response time faster

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