We build smart clothes with an ability of motion tracking. The main 2 things are: 1) You don't need any cameras, hence our product can be used in anywhere unlike Kinect, for example. It can be used either for AR gaming in the street and for sports education. Imagine you are a coach and you are training someone wearing our smart clothes. With our clothes you can view 3d model of the sportsman in real-time and this brings analysis of sportsmen's motions to another level. Also it is possible to add some extensions for such a clothes to make our system report sportsmen about their mistakes automaticaly!

2) Our smart clothes are extremely cheap compared to other solutions - it's total cost doesn't exceed 20$ !!!

What it does

Now we have managed to implement 2 sensors (for 2 joints of one hand). Our program gets data from the sensors and passes it to computer that builds 3d model of a person's skeleton in Unity in real-time and renders proper movements of his hand.

How I built it

We created sensors by ourselves - they consist of tube, photo-resistors and diods. Measuring the resistance on the resistors we can determine the angle of the person's joint. Since we don't know exact physical formulas we used Machine Learning and learned our computer to properly interpret the sensor reading.

Challenges I ran into

The most challenging was choosing the proper tube for sensors. But we came up with the best solution - transparent silicone tube. It occurred to be the best for photo-resistors. Also it was a bit challenging to learn our system to capture motion accurately.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  1. No cameras needed!!!
  2. Cheap clothes

What I learned

What's next for Smart clothes

We want to run our own smart clothes business, improve our product functionality, provide costumers with handy SDK for creating their own apps. Also we can create some games for our smart clothes users and implement some motion analysis with error reporting for sportsmen.

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