Vizag Smart City to model itself as San Francisco

Description & Discussion of the Background

Visakhapatnam (also known as Vizag) is the largest city and the financial capital of the Indian State of Andhra Pradesh. It is also the ninth-most populous metropolitan area in India with a population of 5,018,000. With an output of $43.5 billion, Visakhapatnam is the ninth-largest contributor to India's overall gross domestic product as of 2016.[3]

For the larger project where the US agencies are involved, the government authorities have been benchmarking Vizag with San Francisco when it comes to the targeted outcomes. San Francisco was also chosen because of the geographical similarity. Situated in northern California, the city is on the tip of a peninsula, surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and a bay. San Francisco is also known for its hilly landscape, among other picturesque places. Vizag, too, has a hilly terrain, with several big formations such as Kailasagiri and Rishikonda overlooking the Bay of Bengal. [5]

As a resident of Vizag, I decided to explore the neighborhoods of Vizag, AP, India with the neighborhoods of San Francisco, US using Clustering & Segmentation techniques, ML. Word clouds are created using Wiki Pages of Vizag and San Francisco to explore text data further in which the size of each word indicates its frequency or importance.

This project will highlight the investor opportunities with increased scope of attracting NRI investments which can help Vizag to realize its ambitious economic growth goals while preserving and enhancing livability for the benefit of local citizens.[6]

Data Description

Following datasets have been used in the project:

• Postal Codes of Visakhapatnam. Data has been scraped and cleaned from Yo!Vizag Website [1]

• Foursquare API to get the most common venues of given boroughs of Visakhapatnam and San Francisco respectively.[2]

• Visakhapatnam [3] and San Francisco Wikipedia Pages [4] have been scraped and cleaned for creating Word clouds.

• Zip codes of San Francisco. Data has been downloaded in .csv format from


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Built With

  • jupyter-notebook
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