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It is so complicated to decide what to cook and manage expiration dates, yet coming up with nice receipts. So often we end up with too much food expiring soon and we either waste food or cook something terrible. What if a smart app could manage our inventory suggesting us the best receipts to follow our diet without wasting food?

What it does

  • An app is updated with what you buy, the quantity and the expiration date of the food that you have (inventory). The app uses an algorithm to tell you the best options for what to cook, to always use your food, and never waste it.
    • The algorithm could additionally optimise for a specific diet that you choose and for constraints (e.g. vegan, religion restrictions, allergies), and could show the options you have in a nice digital menu´. -The app could also send notifications among neighbours to share food in case something can not be cooked before the deadline.

Practical objectives: 1-build a program that keeps an updatable inventory of food, quantity and expiration dates - see if Migros can help to get the data directly from the checkout process 2 - Create an algorithm, optionally with AI, to suggest a receipt, from a receipt database, optimising for usage of food before expiration - get / crate a small database of receipts - create a logistic algorithm to optimise for expiration dates (maybe Migros can provide something that they already use for warehouse) - make the algorithm work with the input from the inventory - create a simple user interface to show options and to allow selection of what to cook (with respective update of the inventory) , would be cool to have a nice little menu´

At this point the program should be able to provide recommendations of what to cook and to update the inventory according to the user choice.

If time allows 3 - add user preferences to guide recommendations 4 - implement backup food sharing with neighbours (for when the food can not be consumed)

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