What it does

We have created a system, that is able to measure data, send it in secure ways over the Internet, collect and store it over time for data analysis and last, but not least, display it for the needs of a developer or a regular user.

How we built it

First of all, we built our hardware all by ourselves, okay? We used ESP32 as our microcontroller, which we programmed in Micropython.

Our software system is build on foundations of Docker technology, which composes every single part of our project. We used handy tools, such as MQTT (sending messages from HW and these stuff...), influxDB (our timeseries database) or Grafana (tool for data visualization). Code for this project was mostly written in Python, the best language out there.

Challenges we ran into

Every single part of this project was a challenge. One of the biggest challenges was working with our HW and building it in general. We also had some issues with docker networking and data transfering between MQTT and a database.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It is actually working !!! And it does not look bad either !

What we learned

Well, we have to say, that now we have a little bit better understanding of how Docker actually works, and we also learned more about HW and all that stuff.

What's next for Smart Canteen

I dont know, you say.

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