My inspiration for making this project was seeing how expensive modern day security systems are. Combining this with my love for computer vision created an interesting mix, and I wound up with this project.

What it does

This is software to use a webcam and a Raspberry pi to protect your home from burglars. This software uses computer vision and facial recognition to determine if a person entering your house is someone you want in there or not. Simply upload a couple of pictures of your trusted people, and this software will recognize who they are, and will send you a text telling you they got home safely. If a person who doesn't have their face uploaded is spotted, the software will text you first, giving you a minute to cancel a potential call to the police. However, if you have friends over and they are not registered, don't fret. As long as they have someone who is registered with them when they are first seen by the camera, the software will automatically add them to the registered list and no call will be made.

How I built it

I used Python as the stack. I used OpenCV to detect people and faces in frame, which I passed off to the code using openface API for facial recognition. I then used Twilio API to send a text to the user as well as notify the police of a dangerous scenario. I used OpenCV to get the video feed from the webcam, and ran all of the code on the Raspberry pi

Challenges I ran into

Some of the facial recognition stuff was pretty hard to understand, but this was the main interest for me in the project, so I'm glad I powered through.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud of coming up with a cost effective way to keep peoples houses safe.

What I learned

I learned a lot about computer vision and facial recognition, and seeing exactly how each step of the process works.

What's next for Smart Camera

I unfortunately didn't have time to build a website, but I think it would have been interesting for the purpose of registering users. If it is possible to make a easily duplicable design that looks relatively nice, it would be pretty interesting to see if these could actually be sold, as it fills a need I don't really see being pursued that much right now.

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