The need to make the world smarter and safer. Millions of people die in car accidents a year, as do many children go missing, which is why we incorporated license detection

What it does

Proccesses dash cam videos and runs amber alerts on them using opencv and openalpr on a raspberry pi

How we built it

With everything. Just kidding, but really. It involves hardware, an iOS app, and a website, all connected together via a Google firebase instance.

Challenges we ran into

Connecting the different sources of data together. Our product samples data from three different OSes : Windows, MacOs, Linux. We often had to shuffle around the building asking for sd card adapters, usb-c to USB adapters, etc. By far the most difficulty stemmed from the Raspberry Pi and hosting our custom website url via

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We made a very functional prototype of the ideal product, despite all the setbacks. Within the 36 hours, we worked together well to produce a website and an app that both communicate with a cloud backend. However, we had never worked together before but were able to work remotely and still sync our data.

While I have participated in many hackathons, this was Yoel's first hackathon. None of my hackathon projects in the past have been as well connected as this, that is none of my projects have fully utilized the MVC pattern or get ported to a physical mobile device. All of the websites I built in the past were only demoed locally, but today, our website went live and our app was tested on an iPad. A milestone of which we are both proud.

What we learned

_Cloud computing: posting and retrieving data from a cloud database (Google's Real Time Database) _Google firebase authentication _Domain names: connecting a github pages website to a dns _Hardware: setting up the Raspbian os to a Raspberry Pi; connecting the native raspberry pi camera to the board _API calls: generating api keys so that the same data could be accessed by BOTH our app and website _IOS Swift: finger print authentication

What's next for Smart Dash Cam

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