My inspiration for this are apps like clubhouse, WhatsApp calling and other audio calling apps and chat rooms. More people are using these to hold meetings on these forms of communication and there isn't a good way of taking down important things that have been said during the meeting. Thus was born the idea for smart call

What it does

This application allows a user to start an audio call with another person or a group and have conversational analysis AI get insights from the conversation and make a transcript.

A transcript is automatically created in real time for the call as well as real time insights such as action items, topics spoken about and follow ups.

How we built it

I built this application with react for the frontend and chakra ui for the styling. The realtime audio call was built using Agora's audio sdk, realtime conversational analysis was built using using the symbl chime adapter.

Challenges we ran into

I faced a couple of challenges on this hackathon:

  • Getting the realtime conversation with symbl was initially a bit challenging to do correctly (Currently there are a few seconds in the beginning of a call where users can talk without the conversational ai being ready, but this is a problem I can fix)
  • The temporary agora token from the dashboard did not work as expected and I had to have an agora token server
  • Time pressure is always a constant and a bit of over scoping, but I got most of the main features complete.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I'm proud of completing the main features and deploying the application. Please try it out from the link below or checkout the code in the GitHub link below.

I'm also proud of using my rusty react skills to build this site and of course dark theme.

What we learned

I learned a couple of interesting things during this challenge.

  • I learned how to use the Agora SDK and got an audio call working through their web sdk.
  • I learned how to use realtime sdk, for most of my previous projects I have used the async api.
  • I learned how to use firebase firestore database

What's next for Smart Call

The following features and bug fixes are planned for smart call:

  • Complete the meeting analysis page to show all past transcripts and insights.
  • Add a profile edit page for users to edit profile
  • Add email sharing of meeting insights
  • BugFix: Fix the private call creation
  • BugFix: Do not start audio for meeting till symbl has been connected
  • BugFix: Meeting details are currently not showing on the meeting analysis page

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