What Inspired Us

What inspired my Team is to build this Bot is the limited time developers has to interactively tutor anyone who is interested in Learning React

What Smart Bot Does

Smart Bot Take you by Hand and interactively Tutor you Basic React

How Smart Bot Was Built

Smart Bot was Built on Facebook Developers Console and integrating some intents from Api.ai


We Ran into many challenges of Funds, Getting ourselves together , getting to pitch the right response for every queries we ask the bot . As well as epileptic power supply


Perhaps Smart Bot is one of our Greatest Accomplishment, getting to create Bot that can interactively communicate with human is fulfilling

What We Have Learned

We have learned to work as a Team , and Smart bot has open our eyes to the potential and the Future of Artificial intelligence

What's next for Smart Bot

Smart Bot is not a static Project . We are Looking into incorporating Voice recognition And React Virtual Reality (VR) to foster deep learning. Our Aim is to make Smart Bot Nearly Human and a One stop Bot for everyone to learn any Programming Languages

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