Hack an existing system to make it controllable in a smart way.

What it does

Enhance conventional existing switch-box into a smart and cost effective Blue-tooth controlled switch box.

How we built it

Using Ardiuno Uno, a Blue-tooth module, a 4-relay module and an Android application.

Challenges we ran into

The greatest challenge for us was to use the existing switch box. Apart from that we faced problem with Android blue-tooth integration.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Built a cost effective product from scratch within a limited period of time which uses a ubiquitous switch box.

What we learned

Team work, building an android application featuring bluetooth.

What's next for Smart Bluetooth switch-box

We plan to include an Energy metering system, which monitors the power consumed by each appliance and updates it to the android application. This, we think has a great potential in reducing the daily power consumption.

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posted an update

*Aimed at home automation as a part of internet of things, this smart Bluetooth switch box takes control of your existing switch box! *All you need to do is to connect this product to your existing switch box with few hacks and you are good to go. *This product comes with an Android application using which you can control the appliances connected to that switch box.

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