As our first step, we brainstormed as a team and talked about some common problems that we have in our everyday lives. After some time, we realized that a part that is very important in our homes and that sometimes can go unnoticed is the windows and blinds. That was our inspiration. Effective windows control the lighting from every room of the house, have a significant influence on the temperature, provide privacy, and can even save energy. As a team, the two main things we learned while doing the project were Python and how to set up and use raspberry pi from zero. One of the biggest challenges that we faced and cost time was that we had to change entire project from the C++ language to Python because it was easier to retrieve the data from AccuWeather in the second language. The future for our project as a startup seems promising, as there has been a major growth in the smart home products that can be connected to virtual assistants like Alexa. Overall, we feel confident about the final results from our project and we will keep improving the app.

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