I was inspired to create Smart Bill because financial insecurity has been a very real problem many people have been facing especially these past couple of years. Taking this into consideration, I created Smart Bill, a free app, in hopes to curb this devastating problem that millions of people face.

What it does

Smart Bill is protected through Firebase Authentication, ensuring that users have their financial data protected. Furthermore, they are greeted with a home page where at the top it shows the time period of the transactions, the total income, the total expenses, and their remaining budget. Underneath it has a list of all transactions along with a description of where it occurred, how much money was spent or received, and the date of the transaction listed in chronological order. If the user wants to add an item, they can select the add button at the bottom right corner and can either manually input their transaction or select the scan button and choose a receipt from their camera roll. The user can accept the receipt and then see their transaction on the home page since the optical character recognition machine learning algorithm will identify and display the information. The top right corner of the home page also has a filtered view of all the transaction by expenses and incomes, and also has an option to restrict the time period of their transactions as well.

How we built it

I used Tensor flow, Google's Machine Learning Kit, and Optical Character Recognition for the receipt scanner feature, Swift to code the mobile app functionality, and Firebase for the login authentication.

Challenges we ran into

I coded separate functions in different files, making it difficult to call them as well as embed them all into one cohesive app. I also had trouble creating and appending new transactions, specifically from the camera roll of the phone in the same manner as a manual transaction would.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am proud of being able to embed the receipt scanner feature using machine learning and creating a functional app!

What we learned

I learned that debugging takes up a huge chunk of your time while creating new technologies and how to embed multiple files to integrate a machine learning algorithm!

What's next for Smart Bill

I hope to create further features to help users create their financial plans and publish the finished app on the app store!

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