The advent of smart contracts has revolutionized the way industries and individuals can interact with the internet and other forms of technology. As such, they have become a trusted entity. Verifying this trust and displaying it to the community in a clear manner has not quite taken shape, nor has the ability to articulately express a contract’s functionality, utility, and frequency of use. SmartBadger aims to solve these problems.

What it does

Currently, SmartBadger allows developers to obtain badges to post on their code repository denoting balance and daily transaction statistics.

What it will do

SmartBadger will provide a service for contract verification and an appropriate badge displaying this status for developer repositories while also allowing non-technical users to view data about a contract in a visually aesthetic way.

How we built it

Utilizing, react, python,,, fun, friends, and collaboration.

Challenges we ran into

Caching gathered data from block history takes an enormous amount of time - this exceeded the scope of this hackathon - so we had to pivot to accomplish what we could.

Accomplishments we're proud of

The brainstorming of an original idea and translating that into a viable, useful product that will aid in further development of the Ethereum ecosystem.

What we learned

In order to verify a deployed contract, you need to compile its source code and match it to the byte code of the transaction where it was originally deployed. This process is error prone, and a majority of users will trust third parties to perform this verification. We have begun research and development on a better solution for this.

What's next for Smart Badger

Continuing to build out the application to serve as an investigative data tool for the community and submit pull requests to fellow repos to display relevant badges!

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