90% of the business apps, whether dealing directly with customers or business to business, bear huge losses due to poor invoice/ad management. Customer/Business lose Trillion of $$s every year, and still manage invoices poorly or bear losses due to unauthorized access or and mostly lose opportunity when revenue not accrued on time. I intend to solve this problem through this solution.


  • do your customers love your Tiny ads, but scared of PoP-Up Monsters?
  • do your customers lack trust/avoid using your payments methods & wonder if your solution is PCI DSS compliant?
  • do you want to have dynamic ads interfaces?
  • do you like your business to accept payments from 100+ countries?
  • do you like add no-code payment API in your ad?
  • do you want to manage all your customer ads from one place?


  • do you want Invoice with payments method built in?
  • do you want your clients to pay on time?
  • do you like your business to accept payments from 100+ countries?
  • do you like to add no-code PCI DSS compliant payment payment methods in your invoice?
  • do you want to offer BUY NOW PAY LATER in your invoice?
  • do you want to manage all your invoices & revenue from one place?
  • do you want to have dynamic invoice interfaces?

What it does

This project provide a unique solution to generate, manage dynamic B2C Ads, B2B Invoices , maintain/collect Revenue from one hosted secure solution. App user will be able to generate dynamic unique code snippets (containing dynamic Ad, Invoices with Material design). These code snippets can be accessed through direct DB URL access, EMBED as IFRAME SRC... code or direct URL link.

How we built it

Node JS v 18.2, Angular 13.3, Firebase, Integrated Rapyd checkout toolkit

My team of 4 people split responsibilities to address one part of solution each, UI/UX design was done by Elena, Ragini, Ailisha mostly worked on testing solution, and Amit did most of the coding.

Challenges we ran into

Honestly, I didn't run into any challenges or difficulties. Rapyd Payment checkout (hosted && checkout toolkit) solutions is the easiest part to deal with, very nice documentation and helpful developers community made this project super easy for me. Most of the challenge my team faced was defining use case and UI/UX design.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This solution my team worked on, will be able to address this huge long due business problem of managing ads, invoices, revenue at one single place. Now a day, small, medium or large organizations, deal with multiple format, type and size of Dynamic Ads and Invoices. Business users and customers expect fast, secure and thriving UX. I'm sure, this solution is able to meet these requirements.

What we learned

Dealing with Payment solution is hassle, however, a well documented great working solution, can help tremendously, A project which could have taken months, is done in weeks now.

What's next for B2C Smart Ads | B2B Invoices powered by Rapyd

My team has plans to develop this solution as a "Guided Payment SaaS app". We will be going live with and will be providing this SaaS approach to business community.

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