We came to this Hackathon with the purpose - the purpose of leveraging technology for creating product with potential to be useful for the society! It is known that young people rarely read books nowadays, but spend quite a lot of time with their devices. That's why we were inspired to solve this problem by using the technology to deliver pleasurable experience and easy access to reading books. Meet Smart Audio Book powered by NAVER Cloud Platform API.

What it does and how it works

Our web app will provide regular reading mode as well as audio reader mode. Our service's main advantage is the voice-interaction mode, where Naver's API such as Clova Speech Synthesis and Clova Speech Recognition were used. To be more specific, our web app supports Voice Navigation through the text and Voice Helper which can answer user's questions regarding the text's contents by using library, which is able to accurately answer questions based on the given context.

Challenges we ran into

We got problems with connecting to Naver Platform API and getting the corresponding key and other problems.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We designed our architecture with sequence diagram. We connected back-end and front-end. We were able to send the audio message to the API and get the response.

What we learned

We should work faster to be able finish on time. Planning and team communication is very important.

What's next for Smart Audio Book

Next step is to deploy this web app and extend its voice-interaction functionality to wider features.

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