Inspiration- Looking at the challenges arose due to covid-19 pandemic, the fingerprint based attendance system was not successful. This led to development of contact-free attendance management system with temperature monitoring.

What it does- As soon as the application is launched, there appears two buttons.

(i) Register- The user has to enter his name, employee Id, and a recent photograph(the name of the photo should be same as employee id). After submitting, a message appears of "details added successfully". (ii) Detect Face- On clicking this button, the camera turns on and the face is detected after which, the user has to place his hand in front of the sensor for 5 seconds. After this, the message appears that the attendance is marked. But if the temperature is greater than 100, the user is suggested to go home and take rest.

How we built it- It comprises of frontend system developed with bootstrap, A backend with Arduino and python and connecting frontend with backend using electron.js.

Challenges we ran into - The connection of hardware with the software was one of the major challenge we faced while working on this project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of- We are proud that after continuous hard work and dedication, we were able to complete this project and overcome all the challenges we faced.

What we learned- All of the above firstly we learned how work in a team of different ideology. But apart, we learnt about various functions of arduino and various sensors compatible. We also learnt to use electron.js which is very easy and helpful.

What's next for Smart Attendance Management System- We are planning to add voice based notifications for disabled which will also increase its effeciency.

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