Smart Apart

Smart Apart is a knowledge based brain training app which trains your brain and makes you smart, the clever way, by its curated feeds in varying categories which are updated automatically.

The content in all the categories is fetched from different APIs mentioned below.


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Current Categories


This section consists of informational videos from most popular channels of you tube that will answer your curiosities and may sometimes amaze you.


Get the latest news and articles of different streams that will make you aware about the current affairs.


Learn mind boggling and informational facts to boost your knowledge.


Make your day with a refreshing and motivating quote.

On this day

Get to know about the importance of this day in history.

APIs used

Category API
Videos You tube REST API
Trending News API
Facts Numbers API
Quotes They said so quotes API
On This Day Today in History

How to use Smart Apart

  • Swipe left and right to scroll through the content of a particular category.
  • Swipe up and down to navigate through all the categories.
  • Tap any card to read more or watch a video
  • View your bookmarked items in the menu.
  • Use the heart button to bookmark any item.
  • Use the share button to share any item.

Perks of using Smart Apart

  • Increase your IQ
  • Train your brain
  • Manifold the information you know
  • Make you aware of surroundings
  • Increase your basic science knowledge
  • Teach you various tips and tricks for living
  • Motivate and inspire you


  1. Install Node.

  2. Install Ionic Framework (v1)

  3. Clone GitHub repo by following command - git clone

  4. Change current directory to project directory and run ionic serve

Note: All the html and js files are availabe in the www folder

Built with

  1. Ionic Framework (v1)
  2. Angular.js (v1)
  3. Various API's
  4. ngCordova Plugins
  5. localForage


  1. Prateek Surana - GitHub | LinkedIn | Medium | StackOverflow | Twitter
  2. Ayush Gupta - GitHub | LinkedIn | Medium | Twitter | Instagram
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