The UAE unfortunately has a very high percentage of workers who are bored by their work places, this leads to a fall in productivity, creativity and innovation. (Gulf News,2017)

What it does

Smart Ambience senses your mood and reflects the best atmosphere in terms of lighting, sound and smell. This results in optimum workplace atmospheres. Our system is designed to be used by managers and senior leadership in their cabins.

How we built it

By hacking into the wearble device (Emotiv Insight) We manage to extract data on the moods of the person wearing it. This data is mapped at certain threshold for each mood to correspond to different colors of ambience. which is programmed to an IOT enabled Arduino device. The mood based lighting can be over ruled manually if required by using the IOT app.

Challenges we ran into

RGB LED was not common cathode which led us to a greater confusion in the most part of the development of the hardware. Other challenges were mainly in extracting the dat from the wearaable device.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Unique type of project that hasn't been attempted before (According to google)

What we learned

Team Learning, Our capablility in 24 Hours, Data about chromatherapy.

What's next for Smart Ambience

to be compressed into a smaller package by using devices like raspberry pi zero W and to be a standalone device.

Built With

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