We've always forgot to set our alarm clock ==> we woke up to late / to eary And we hated it, if there was a problem with the train/bus, so you had to stand a long time at the bus station and wait for the next one

What it does

Sets a clock automatically for your next lecture and calculates based on how long it takes you to get to the university through the use of public transport.

How we built it

We've created a framework based on UWP and we calculate every hour the time, you have to wake up, to get punctually to your next lecture. This is based on how long you need for your breakfast and the time it takes you to get to university through the use of public transport

Challenges we ran into

-Getting the iCal-Calendar to work in the .Net framework -Intern server errors based on the TUM server

Accomplishments that we're proud of

-Getting the iCal-Calender -A self developed Calendar file based on the data from the iCal-Calender

What we learned

-Team based working -Time managing -UWP is an easy to use and really powerful API -If you want to do something complicated don't rely on UWP

What's next for Smart Alarm

-Enhance and improve the existing functions -Port everything to android (and ios)

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