Smart-Aggregator is a hackathon project for ETH Singapore which aims to build ETH based marketplace for Advertisers (aka Merchants) and Publishers (aka Sellers) and Consumers (aka Buyers) using Smart Contract on top of Public or Private Blockchain.

What it does

The purpose of this marketplace is to establish trust and transparency between advertisers and publishers and eliminate middlemen, Centralized Affiliate Networks (aka Aggregators).

What problem is it going to solve

Trust in the attribution of revenue share between Advertisers and Publishers. Transparency between Advertisers and Publishers.

How the flow goes

Advertiser join the network and create a Smart Contract for an offer. Offer details are stored in IPFS with HASH of offer data in the contract as a transaction Publishers join the network and browse available offers from Advertisers and accept offers and join the Smart Contract. Each Smart Contract will have a set of Publishers who accepted T&C of the offer. Publisher place the offers on their website. Consumers go to the publisher website and click on the offer. Click is tracked as transaction in the Smart Contract with detail data stored in IPFS and consumer is redirected to offer URL. Consumer completes the required action at the redirected Advertiser offer URL. Advertiser confirms the offer conversion as a transaction on the Smart Contract and store the conversion data in the IPFS.

Challenges we ran into

Figuring out stuff to build in set of contracts for different functionalities required. Figuring out and implementing IPFS for all the profile and offer creation.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

Finally we were able to figure out and finish upto a certain stage where the demo is possible. Cheers for that :) Figured few more things that can be useful to our idea to complete this product for production like encryption of data put into IPFS.

What’s next for us

Create ATN (Affiliate Token Network) Tokens using Ethereum ERC20 to incentivise participants in the network. The Smart Contracts can execute the offer terms and transfer Tokens (preferably ATN Tokens) from Advertiser wallet to Publisher wallet. Smart Contract also transfers network fees from Advertiser wallet to Operator Wallet. (Foundation that issued ATN Tokens is the Network Operator) Publisher can also have his own Smart Contracts to share of the payment from Advertiser to Consumer.

Built with

Solidity MetaMask React JS Ganache Rinkeby Test Network IPFS

Built With

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