Our goal was to focus on bringing in capabilities of different MACH products and put together Smart Acceleratorsolution that can truly reduce the effort of developing websites from scratch. Businesses that want to enable multiple ecommerce based websites across domains and locales can benefit from this solution. The solution enables to increase the developers productivity by having less focus on development and testing and utilizing product features to build a fully functional website.

What it does

Smart Accelerator increases productivity of developers while they can focus on looking at improving the overall solution aspects. Businesses that are looking for quick solution to launch websites with commerce functionalities can take advantage of this.

How we built it

We have blended below MACH products to work as a solution framework Vue Store front UIprovides pre-built UI components for headless commerce. Contentful headless CMS that allows creation of re-usable components, along with support for localization. UniformPersonalization engine where rules are defined. CommerceToolsCommerce engine where commerce related functionalities such as Product, Order, Stores, etc. are configured. VueStoreFront has built-in connectors that allows seamless integration of Contentful CMS and CommerceTools through configurations. Github as code repository, Jenkinsfor auto deployment while*AWS Cloud* to host the websites

Challenges we ran into to be updated

Vuestorefront UIrequired to make configuration changes in the Vue.JS code for connecting with multiple commerce instances. VueStorefront UI required custom component for integrating with Uniform for implementing personalization rules on the website.

Accomplishments that we're proud of to be updated

We have designed a solution that leverages different MACH product capabilities , delivering e-commerce websites with minimal development and testing efforts. Developed custom components for VueStorefront to integrate with Uniform. Using the solution developed 2 websites Merchandize and Retail which supports commerce functionalities like product search, add to cart, order, payment, order history, user login, multi-lingual and personalized user journeys. We have chosen MACH products ,put together the best possible solution, that can support all features required for a fully functional website ,be *MACH architecture compliant *.Solution can help accelerate development of websites with minimal development and testing effort. Designed to accelerate at MACH speed...

What we learned

We explored different MACH alliance products, evaluating their capabilities. Explored ways to utilize product features without any custom development and deliver websites with no development effort. Got opportunity to explore VueStorefront and integrate with CommerceTools and Contentful, using connectors.

What's next for Smart Accelerator

Extend*Smart Accelerator* solution to include additional features ,

  1. Support secured payment options including card payments.
  2. Chatbot and Voice search along with mobile app with the functionalities of desktop application.

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