Smart Governance is a governing process that uses technology to help and support its Citizens to enhance good governance, better planning and decision making.

Justice, Equity, Accountability, Transparency, Effective Service delivery, Social and Economic developments are the main features of a Smart Governance. To foster an amazing governance especially in the area Justice, Social, Economic and Environmental developments, Smart Reports application was born.

What it does

Smart Reports: is an interactive Web Applications that allows Tunisian People to reports certain issues/complaints in texts and images to their Governments and Local Authorities. Such issues includes Potholes on the Roads, Street Lights Problems, Parking Lots, Sexual Harassment, Waste Collections, Water Issues, Police Brutality, Racism, Women Trafficking etc.

It also enable Tunisian People to seek for help in all Works of life, promote their Job Careers, Businesses etc by providing the Business Geo-0locations and Contacts information's.

Each of this reports are accessible on Google Map and can be Broadcasted to all registered Tunisian Users to their respective Email Addresses in real-time

Here are the Steps:

  • A Tunisian User Signup and Login into the application.
  • The User creates a Post reporting certain issues like Portholes on the Roads, Traffic Light Problems etc. on a particular town or region within Tunisia. To create that Post, the application requires the user to input Post Title, Description, kind of reports to publish, affected town/locations, an image/photos showing the affected things, town/area etc.
    The application automatically leverage Google Geo-coding Tech. to convert the events/affected location addresses to Latitude and Longitude to make the reporting data and its locations available on Google Map
  • For each published Posts, the user/reporter can send an email broadcast to alert all the registered user about the reported events. The sent email delivers a Google Map Geo-locations of the affected places, town/regions.
  • The notified Tunisian Users click on Map Links sent to their respective email for each publish post to view and analyze the whole scenario on the Google Map and then take proper action.
  • All Registered Tunisian Users can show gratitude to the Publisher by Commenting on the Post from the Google Map Link sent to their respective email addresses or directly from the applications.
  • Easily Translate the Posts contents to any language of choice using Google Language Translator

How we built it

This Application was built using PHP, Mysql, Google-Map, Email Services, Ajax, Jquery, Bootstraps etc.

What's next for Smart Reports for (Smart Governance)

more features coming soon

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