Major issues faced by Farmers are Plant Diseases, Locust Swarm and other Pest Attacks which has serious effects on our Agricultural Crops thus resulting in low crops yield, poor harvest, shortage of food and devastation of the entire agricultural economy.

Tunisian's Farmers need to circumvents all this issues with information propagation and technology available to ensure higher crop yields and greater harvest.

What it does

Smart Pests and Locust Alerts: is an application designed to help Tunisian Farmers to Protect their Farm products from Diseases, Pests and Locust Attacks leveraging Google Map and Email Services.
The Application also notified all the registered Tunisian Farmers when Plants Diseases, Pests and Locust Attack is within their Farm neighborhood and then take proper actions to protect your crops.

Here are the Steps:

  • A Tunisian Farmer Signup and Login into the application.
  • The Farmer creates a Post show casing either a plant disease, Locust Swarm or Pest attack on a particular town or region within Tunisia. To create that Post, the application requires the farmer to input Post Title, Description, kind of pest attacks/plants diseases, affected town/locations, an image/photos showing the affect crops area etc.
    The application automatically leverage Google Geo-coding Tech. to convert the events/affected location addresses to Latitude and Longitude to make the Plants diseases or Pest attacks locations available on Google Map
  • For each published Posts, the farmer can send an email broadcast to alert all the registered Farmers in the neighborhood about the holocaust. The sent email delivers a Google Map Geo-locations of the affected town/regions.
  • The notified Farmers click on Map Links sent to their email for each publish post to view and analyze the whole scenario on the Google Map and then take proper action to prevent further holocaust. Some actions can includes, application of Pesticides, Fertilizers,Crop Rotations, Slug Beer Trap etc.
  • All Registered Farmers can show gratitude to the Publisher by Commenting on the Post from the Google Map Link sent to their respective email addresses or directly from the applications.

How we built it

This Application was built using PHP, Mysql, Google-Map, Email Services, Ajax, Jquery, Bootstraps etc.

What's next for Smart Pests and Locust Alerts

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