Playing with new technology will always be something that /tiːm//tiːm/ will always be curious about. Having problem-solving perspectives and the desire to experience something new, the team decided to build a project that will get them out of their comfort zone.

What it does

SmARM is the technology of IoT that makes people aware of the Temperature, Air quality and Humidity in their smart home. By accessing the website provided, people will always know those parameters. Knowing the situation from home will benefit customers. Why? In case of any CO2 pollutions or high temperature or even strangely changes around the humidity of the roo, the system makes the people aware of different unexpected situations.

Another use case can be utilized in different manufacturing industries. Having such a system that tracks all the time that information, different departments can implement changes in order to live in a healthier work environment. Storing data, visualizing it and making decisions based on that will benefit the businesses and will represent a competitive advantage in the long term.

How we built it

The system was built making use of different technologies. From front-end line by line to creating the server, pulling requests and understanding the firsts steps in using the new Arm Mbed, the team worked together and took agile decisions on the journey.

Challenges we ran into

Challenges were always on the way but we succeeded making it work to our advantage by the end of the day. We had encountered little problems when implementing an asynchronous communication between the database and the arm hardware

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of our project and how we succeeded, in the end, combining everyone's ideas and allowing everyone to learn something new.

What we learned

Everybody learned everything. From front-end to dealing with the new platform and creating a server that will receive and send the data accordingly.

What's next for SmARM

SmARM has a lot of potential in adding external new features. From sending alerts when the numbers go surprisingly up and down to make it more fun for customers as in becoming a game of guessing numbers in a place you are always around.

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