We have plenty of friends who work in stores, and we always hear their stories of how sometimes they fool around and do nothing, and how sometimes they are flooded with work to do. In addition, we realized that stores configure their actions based on the time of day.

What it does

The program compares data between the store's stock levels, time, and the number of customers. Whenever something noticeable happens (i.e. An item low on stock), the program will record it and date the exact time that it happened at. This provides a more detailed evaluation of product stock and can provide information that the employees of the store may have not noticed before.

How I built it

Using the NCR API, we were able to retrieve store information such as their products, categories, and stock levels. We also built a customer counter with arduino and sharp distance sensor to track the amount of customers in store. With the above information, we are able to have detailed analysis on the store or specific item to improve things such as scheduling of employees, customer flow, and sale times for higher profit.

Challenges I ran into

The documentation of the stock API was for a language that we are not familiar with, so it took us a significant amount of time to understand the API and to implement it in a language that we are comfortable with. (i.e. python, java)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This is the first time we designed a project for the business world. There were many consideration we had to take due to a business approach.

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