Body pain has become one of the widespread problems across the globe in people of all ages. But we have two sayings that will come in handy when it comes to our project,i.e.- "The show must go on." and "The first impression is the last impression." What we mean is that- there must be times where you will be having extreme body pain, but you need to go attend the classes, a meeting, or any important occasion. And as we all know, health cannot be ignored. So, we have come up with Smarable, a smart wearable that you can wear anytime and anywhere. It is a wearable heat pad that you can wear inside any type of clothes and due to its slim fit technology, no one else can feel its presence, as a result, you don't even have to worry about the looks. And to add, warm water bags being a popular remedy for body pain, you most definitely will get relieved from the pain and feel much better.

What it does

Its features are:

•The shirt is sub divided into different different subsection each containing heating elements which is far better than single heating element.

•Highly configurable through app. User can control which portion of their body gets heat and can even adjust the temperature.

•Control over each heating element , user can switch off or on each elements individually.

•Control power levels of each heating elements . there are four modes of heating: off, lo, mid, high.

• Bluetooth connectivity

•Battery powered 8h battery life

Controls included in it are:

• Sleep mode timer 30 min

• Turn all on or off.

• Custumozable heating

How we built it

We have prepared a website representing our objectives of our hardware model. The website is built with HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and JavaScript. And the parts used in the hardware model are: •Arduino nano

•Lipo battery

•HC-05 bluetooth module

• Flexible low power heating pads

Challenges we ran into

Due to limited supply and time,we could not show our idea in more ways

What's next for Team-10: Smarable

We plan on implementing these ideas in other wearable-fashionable wears as well

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