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Smap is the all-in-one solution to studying. Smap shows you the best environment suited for your kind of work, along with the best people that can help you grow.


University is known to be a difficult jump from high school. As new university students, we have certainly felt this. We and many of our friends have struggled through assignments and exams, but what really helps us make it through is our community. Reading through assignments and studying together have made us all better students. So, we thought, why not make an app that links people with a learning community? Smap encourages people to reach out for help and become better students than they would’ve been just by themselves.

What it does

Smap is an app that uses mapping/social networking to optimise students' study habits. It allows people to find the best study space, along with the ones with the most like minded people and the ones with your friends. Smap is an iOS app that:

  • Shows you nearby studying locations

  • Keeps track of many features about each location, such as the wifi quality, the noise level, and ports

  • Navigates you to studying places using Google Maps

  • Tells you who’s at a studying location, including if they’re your friends or not

  • To do list keeps track of your assignments in the coming weeks

  • Broken down by class as well as in an overview of all in the dashboard

  • Has a user-friendly design that lets you access courses, to-do lists, and studying places from several different pages

  • Links you directly to each of your courses’ online platforms

  • Can email each of your professors through the app

From the university’s standpoint Smap allows administrators to find out what buildings are lacking the study space and what features/areas students are gravitating towards allowing them to make adjustments accordingly.

How we built it

We built it using SwiftUI, MapKit. Where we make a multi-view app using NavigationViews and links. We then linked the application to open google maps when navigating to the study location of the users choice

Challenges we ran into

Our challenges were in integration with our iOS app. We initially wanted to make a chat for a group studying in the same place, yet also integrate SMS to connect with tutors. We were looking into Twilio for SMS and Firebase for the chat. 8 hours went by and we realized that it was impossible, Twilio and Firebase would create standalone chat apps when we wanted a chat integrated into our pre-existing app. But, we had a back-up plan and we implemented it quickly, so we didn’t end up losing much time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. Building a fully functional iOS / Swift UI app with no prior experience
  2. Integrating Features like mapview, google maps, emails to professors and more
  3. Accomplishing a completely working prototypes of our original idea along with additional features added on

What we learned

  1. How to pivot between technologies that do similar tasks quickly
  2. iOS development
  3. Swift UI
  4. MapKit
  5. How to create an application with the correct flow that is applicable to the end user

What's next for Smap

  • To add geolocation and in app navigation using GoogleMaps
  • The ability to sms tutors/helpers in the area for immediate help using Twilio api
  • Adding in app chat rooms for students in the same subjects (similar to Snap or Discord)

Business Viability

Every year tens of thousands of high school students make the transition to university. Many are moving out for the first time, many leaving friends behind. When they come to university they do not know the layout of the campus or where they should be studying. Because of that many spend their first year barely making friends with similar interests as them and dropping their grades. With Smap this will no longer happen. We let students escape their uncomfortable dorms to find the best study spaces along with places where they will meet others like them. This presents an amazing business opportunity as it will be tapping into the lucrative education, and social networking sectors, along with a target demographic that is willing to pay for things like premium features. Additionally this platform has tonnes of room for expansion into areas like tutoring and chat, only further amplifying the business opportunity!

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