• Inspired by Harry Potter's Marauder's Map and PubNub Blocks, we created a unique interactive world that detects and shows realtime location of people. The offers individuals go to and interact with, gives feedback to users and affects future offers - creating an interactive world just like in Harry Potter.

What it does

Find the best offers around you and keep fit while you do it!

  • View limited offers around you and the quantity of them remaining
  • See who else is competing for the offer live in real time
  • Redeem the offer in person
  • Collect coins as you walk and use these to compete with friends or get additional discounts It doesn't stop there. You can create your own sMap's and become a content creator!

How we built it

  • PubNub: We used this as our realtime communication APIs, which allowed us to easily track realtime geo loaction of people moving across our map.
  • PubNub BLOCKS: We used this as our realtime serverless compute for smap which allowed us to execute functions on your realtime messages while the data is in motion, without adding additional servers.
  • Radix: As a domain extension for our marketing landing page.
  • Esri: We used the ArcGIS as the Location Platform for Smap to add maps/geo using Esri's online services and Javascript SDK.
  • Twilio: We used this as a programmable SMS that notifies winners of our challenges.
  • HTML5: We used HTML5 as our markup language for structuring and presenting content.
  • CSS3: Used as our style sheet language used for describing the presentation of a document written in a HTML5.
  • Javascript: Used as our primary language for Esri and Pubnub.

Challenges we ran into

  • Solving one of the biggest advertising problems to ensure that users interact with advertising content
  • We tried to build our map UI using EON Maps which is a standalone library that includes the Mapbox assets. You supply an array of geolocation lat/longs and the map renders markers in those locations. We experienced great difficulty because we didn't have enough documentations and the apis seems out of date and unfortunately, we didn't have an EON developer around to assist so we decided to use the ESRI api which solved our problem perfectly :-)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Effectiveness of specialisation within the team to maximise productivity
  • Integrating multiples APIs in a limited amount of time.
  • Creating a product that everyone can use and enjoy!

What we learned

  • Team work and fully understanding the idea is key to a sucessful Hackathon.

What's next for sMap

  • Continue to work on the back end and front end development
  • Validate with individual users and sponsor advertisers
  • Initial launch in a specific location with only a fitness focus partnering with local gyms, fitness stores and fitness classes
  • Expand across London and focus on User Acquisition
  • Expand to other fields beyond fitness, such as education and retail

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