Have you ever been to a restaurant and did not know what to order? It happens to me every time I go to a new restaurant with my girlfriend. She will look at the menu for like 10 minutes, very focused just like when she investigates my DMs. And then after 10 minutes, she'll be like "Eeeh, I don't know what to order, you decide!". I hate it because I also do not know what to order and if my suggestion does not turn out to be good, she will blame me lol!

What it does

Motivated by this, we create an app that can help you by recommending the most popular dishes other customers have ordered in the past few days/months. If there are a lot of people order something, there is a good chance that it will be good!

How I built it

We use google API to get the exact restaurant based on users' input, and then use NCR API to retrieve the transaction history of the restaurant for the past few days/months. Then we filter out the dishes that customers have ordered, count the number of appearances for each dish, rank them in ascending order for each category as in the menu (ex: deserts, entries...) and output the most popular ones for each category as a recommendation.

Challenges I ran into

We were both not very familiar with APIs, android app development and encountered a lot of issues when using NCR transaction API.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We learned a lot of things including how to use APIs and we made an app that works pretty well. We also learn that we should never give up. There were so many things went wrong that we did not anticipate. We are so glad that we did not give up and were able to finish the project on time.

What I learned

We both learned so many new things about API and Android app development. More importantly, we learned how to organize our time effectively to deliver the project on time.

What's next for Smaop

There are still many more rooms for improvement and further development. For example, we want to give more options for categorizing the menu, such as vegetarian or gluten-free. We also want to visualize the outputs with images to make the UI more appealing. In the future, if rating for a dish becomes an option, then Smaop can have a feature that ranks the choices based on both popularity and ratings to give you all an even better dinner recommendation.

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