In the world where everything is built to store all your data, Small Talk guarantees complete privacy. It is build using Blockchain Technology. In other words, it does not store any kind of data — it belongs solely to the users. No third party encryption, no data phishing, no unwanted e-mailers in your mailbox. When we say complete privacy, we mean it. Because we understand that few things are meant to be private.

What it does

Small Talk is an integrated application to make video calls, chat, conduct interviews, and send emails.

How I built it

  • Vue CLI 3 and Vuex to build the front-end
  • AdonisJS for API back-end
  • HTML canvas and Web GL enabled JS implementation for backgrounds
  • Blockstack for authentication
  • Gaia for storage
  • Twilio Chat and Video API and SMS
  • CORS using nginx
  • Simple crypto for message encryption
  • CORE and EXPLORER APIs of blockstack
  • Opennode for lightning payments

Challenges I ran into

  • State storing using Vuex's - and autosave on Gaia
  • Integrating WebGL based background animations
  • Layouting the whole dashboard

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Integrating front-end and back-end a build an amazing Dapp
  • Completed the app as planned

What I learned

  • How Gaia storage engine works
  • How Blockstack authentication works
  • Twilio client SDK and APIs for Chat, Video and SMS
  • Integration of open node for meter-ed pricing on top of lightning

What's next for Small Talk

  • Integration of phone calls and facilitating sending of emails with disposable email IDs
  • Sub-domain routing - user specific
  • Storing data apart from JSON formats

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