Most travel apps are transactional, so they're most useful when you've already decided to travel. We wondered if we could tackle people earlier in the funnel and spark their desire to travel in the first place. Why not make online travel guides that are as beautiful as they are useful?

Appealing to the emotional aspects of exploration and adventure is what print magazines and TV shows still do best, so that's the offline media that inspired our online guides.

We've built a custom CMS and data scraper to make these guides at scale. We have an algorithm capable of bringing the most interesting parts of a city to the forefront, using data from disparate sources. We use Wikitravel as a starting point for authoritative information about locations and then combine it with relevant media like photographs from Instagram and 500px.

The closest equivalent to this are vendor-specific guides like Airbnb's Neighborhoods or Vayable's tour packages, but we're not tied to a single vendor. It's like we're doing content marketing for all travel startups and companies, not just one.

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