There are 209.6 million online shoppers a year at yet small businesses are struggling to make ends meet. When mass-producing things are fast and easy for larger companies now, small businesses fail to make sales as they can't create as much product at a cheaper price so people tend to not buy it. However, what 2020 had taught us was that we have to care about each other but also the environment more. This therefore made supporting smaller businesses important as their products are of better quality and it supports more creators rather than large companies. Since it is also more expensive, it will teach us to be more sustainable. This inspired me to create the website as consumerism had proven to be more effective when online shopping on just one single website as people tend to don't want to spend too much time trying to find something new.

What it does

It creates a platform for small businesses to promote themselves on but also help customers to find and discover new businesses more easily. As more people now move towards trying to be more sustainable, having a website with all the products on there can be helpful.

How I built it

I built Small Shops using HTML and CSS on Glitch and used Figma for designing and prototyping.

Challenges I ran into

Trying lay the website out was quite hard as there was a certain layout that I wanted to go with so I had to play around with CSS a lot to place the images and texts where I want it to be exactly. Moreover, because I was doing it alone, I couldn't ask anyone for help and there was only a limited amount of time which I could use to build it in.

Accomplishments that I am proud of

I was proud of home I thought of the idea on the spot and created a decent-looking design even though this is only my second time using Figma and I am not the best at art. I was also proud of what I have managed to create in such a limited amount of time.

What I've learnt

This was good practice for my HTML/CSS skills as even though I've known the language for a while, I don't get a lot of practice out of it. I was learnt more UI/UX design skills and how to create something by myself in a short amount of time.

What's next

I hope to find more small businesses to put onto the website so that more people can move to more sustainable products and those businesses and prosper.

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