Inspiration from a small fishing undetected and get fewer results than on fishermen who use boats with big size

How it works

how our program works is by using android phone that makes it easy to perform data collection on fishing and research the fish . This application runs using the internet or a ship that has a network with its port , with menggunakkan Internet sharing from the nearest boat in the harbor continues to connect until the ship is at sea .

Challenges I ran into

we will create an application to help fishermen catch fish and collect data in order for data analytics government or other organizations

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

could be useful for fisheries data collection in the country

What I learned

Here we learn a lot about the life of fish and small fishing life which sometimes total income is erratic

What's next for Small Fishing Boat Plans

we will create a small network that could cover all fishermen in the sea , so that no word is disconnected from the network

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